Wednesday, July 19, 2017

DARWIN'S FINCHES and the Creationism Evolution Debate

Evolutionists have used Darwin's finches to give evidence to give credence to their theory in the creationism evolution debate (called macro evolution). Scientific evidence does not support the idea however.

Darwin Finch Photo: Wikimedia

For those unfamiliar with Darwin's finches, these were the birds that he believed gave some evidence that evolution was possible. He discovered these birds when he travelled to the Galapagos Islands near South America.

He took weeks to study these birds and realized that the length of the beaks, tended, to increase in size when there was a famine. This was necessary, he thought, to obtain the seeds during famines(The seeds were not as easy to get to).

Because of this increase in size, Darwin counted on the fact that these types of changes would eventually lead to the finch evolving into another type of bird (or else this kind of thing was possible).

Eventually, Darwinists took this line of thinking even further and used these finches as a great illustration of how evolution occurred.
Little did Darwin or his followers realize that there were quite a number of major problems with this kind of thinking:

1. The finches still were finches. No evolution (macro evolution) ever took place.
2. The beaks of these finches eventually returned to their normal size, once the drought was over.

No evolution ever occurred.

Evolution (macro evolution) only occurs if one kind of creature changes into an entirely different creature. (If this kind of change does not occur then, of course, no evolution has occurred)changes that occur within various kinds of creatures (such as beak size) has nothing to do with evolution (these small changes are referred to as micro evolution and no one argues whether these types of changes occur or not.)

But this micro evolution has never been known to lead to macro evolution (real evolution) ever. And this is a real problem for those that believe in the theory of evolution. Whether it is finches or any other kind of creature, there has never been even one case of evolution that can be verified (macro).

The example of Darwin's finches, unfortunately is still used by teachers and professors and found in textbooks throughout the US even though it has been proved wrong decades ago.

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