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A Guide to CANARIES and the Bird's History, Characteristics, and Breeding Practices

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Canaries are beautiful songbirds that have become a common pet in today's world. For centuries, people have appreciated this bird for its singing ability. A wild bird at its beginnings, they belonged to areas of the Canary Islands, Azores and Madeira. Thus, the bird gained its name as the canary. Because of its amazing singing abilities, they were domesticated beginning in the 1600s. Breeding these birds became a hobby for some and a profession for others. People are bewitched by their melodies, especially in male birds, who are the ones that can carry a beautiful tune. Started first as a high society hobby, canaries eventually became popular to the common man as well.

Canaries come in a variety of different colors such as orange, brown, white, black, yellow and red. They can be bred to be in different colors and sometimes they are even bred based on their sound patterns. Sometimes finding a canary that can sing the most beautiful complex melodies became something of a contest. Even today, there are much bird shows in the world where canary owners let their birds compete in a singing competition.

Breeding canaries tend to be a tough challenge because it is hard to determine the sex of the Canaries, which is a crucial part to see whether the bird can sing or not. The breeding conditions have to be optimal as well. They are best to be bred with one pair per cage. Bird cages such as double breeder cages or aviary cages, along with nesting boxes and nesting materials, tend to be an ideal environment for breeding. Initially, they require to get introduced to each other. Once they are seen the male is trying to breed with the female, then it is ideal to put them together in one cage.

During the breeding period, make sure that the Canaries are getting the best nutrition as they can get. Things such as cuttlefish bones, broccoli, apple, hard boiled eggs and bread are great to help replenish any nutritional deficiencies the mother might have during this period. With good nutrition and environment, the entire process should go smoothly.

The mother typically lays four to five eggs and spends four to five weeks to incubate the nest. The father's role is to bring the food and feed the mother. This time, again, good nutrition is ideal for the bird. Be sure to leave a lot of food in your double breeder cage or aviary cage. After the first round of breeding, the pair may go for a second round. The young birds should be separated by the partition on double breeder cages or even separate them to another cage so that they can safely grow.

As they grow up, the tunes they carry intrigue everyone all around. Always tend carefully to canaries because they are not birds who like to be handled much. If they are standing on your hand, then you can be sure they trust you a lot. Ultimately, canaries are the best pet to have if you enjoy beautiful music and breeding them can also be a wonderful experience.

    By Mika Harimoto
    Mika Harimoto is an expert when it comes with animals because she has been living around them for many years.
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Choosing a PET BIRD - Proper Bird Care and Right Bird Cages

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Many of us might have noticed that birds are most active in the morning and evenings. They are either searching for or eating food, or are talking to each other. Their daily routine is very similar to that of humans and other creatures, and that's precisely the reason why birds are very popular as pets. Since most of us are living in urban areas, we have lost touch with nature and animals, unlike our forefathers who had a very strong connection with nature.

Parrots: Excellent as Pets

Parrots have always been excellent as pets since they are loving and affectionate by their very nature. They are also capable of imitating our speech, which attracts humans towards them even more. The pet birds and bird cages industry has been comprehensively changed due to hand-rearing techniques, thus making the local pet bird supplier a very good source of knowledge during the process of change of pet bird ownership.

If you are looking to buy peach faces, canaries and budgerigars, pet shops are an extremely good place to go to and be equally selective while buying bird cages. If you want hand reared pet birds, you should go to specialized bird shops. Make sure that you select only clean shops having healthy birds, and which come with a squeaky clean reputation.

Hand Reared Birds are Excellent Pets

Hand reared Parrots have proved to be extremely good pets. Larger birds create more noise and are more demanding compared to smaller birds. At the same time, they are more talkative and become better lifelong pets.

Intelligent, Quiet and Don't Bite

Most people like birds, which are intelligent, quiet, and don't bite. Just make sure you provide them with a lot of space in bird cages. The popular pet birds include Grass Parrot, King Parrot, Regent, Princes Parrot, Kakariki and Budgerigar among others. Specialized bird shops will provide you with most varieties of pet birds and bird cages.

Budgies as Pets

If you are more than six years of age, you would love a Budgie as a pet bird, because they are superb as talkers and may turn out to be lifelong companions. If you have selected a young weaned Budgie, you will find they are easier to tame. A young Budgie can be easily identified due to the presence of black horizontal lines on their body from forehead towards the beak. There are no such horizontal bars in the older Budgerigars. Male Budgies are more popular as pets. But, when they are young, it is difficult to find out their sex. If the bird shop owner or staff is experienced, he or she will be able to choose the right male Budgie and right bird cages for the pets.

Cockatiel: Friendly and Relaxed

Cockatiels are also very popular as pet birds amongst youngsters. It is well renowned for its friendly and relaxed nature. It can start imitating speech very quickly. Again you need to select a young male bird. Male cockatiels can be easily identified due to their orange cheek patch. The tail patterns of male and female birds are different, so we can easily distinguish between the two. A female Cockatiel is not a popular pet bird due to egg laying activity and egg binding. You need to take great care till a young Cockatiel starts eating independently. These birds are known to be healthy, but they still require a regular health plan and spacious bird cages.

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A Budgerigar in the aviary in Clissold Park, S...
A Budgerigar in the aviary in Clissold Park,
Stoke Newington, Greater London.
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Keeping birds as pets or to rear for breeding comes with a certain amount of responsibility and basic knowledge. It is important to keep pets well feed and above all comfortable in their environment. 

When it comes to birds, it is important to provide a comfortable living area, where they can feel as close to their natural habitat as possible.

Many might consider investing in an extra large cage in order to provide a larger area for flight but it is the option of an aviary which is by far the more ideal option when it comes to housing birds. Cages, without doubt, limit a bird’s movement whereas an aviary creates a far more natural environment and allows them to explore.

However, aviaries do take up a larger amount of space and can come at a price, so it is always a good idea to shop around and do some research beforehand. The last thing you would want is to build an aviary that may completely overwhelm you with an amount of floor space it requires. Aviary plans can be found online and most come with easy DIY instructions and even all the essential tools needed for its construction. 

Do make sure though that the materials you use are of quality and are robust enough to withstand all weather conditions, particularly if the aviary is to be placed outdoors.

Building an aviary will increase not only your ability to breed or keep birds but also improve on the quality of care you give them.

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Hawk Headed (Red-Fan) PARROT - Deroptyus accipitrinus

Hawk-Headed (Red-Fan) Parrot - Photo Wikipedia

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Bird watching in Arizona indefinitely a must for those who are into this kind of hobby. This is because the place offers a wide variety of birds perfect for observation such as the common ones including black and gray hawks, owls of different species such as whiskered screeches and elves, various species of hummingbirds, nightjars, trogons, flickers, woodpeckers, flycatchers, and pewees.

The place is also perfect if you want to see rare kinds of birds such as seasonal species of kingbirds, chickadees, becards, gnatcatchers, titmice, sparrows, tanagers, and warblers. 

If you are planning to go bird watching in Arizona, always make sure that you visit the Patagonia-Sonoita Creek Preserve which houses almost 300 different species of birds. If you want, you can make a schedule online and avail of the guided tours on Saturday mornings. The preserve has an almost 3-mile long trail that gives you a breathtaking beauty of nature along with various species of birds nearby. 

Things you need before you go bird watching in Arizona

In the United States, Arizona is one of the best places for bird watching because it has a hot type of climate, which invites a vast species of birds. Because of the number of birds seen in the place, birding has become a source for recreation and tourism. 

Before you get captivated its wonderful bird life and its breathtaking landscape in this side of the state, make sure that you prepare very well the things that you might need. If you are planning to conduct bird watching in Arizona, make sure that you bring:

- Bring a bird watching guide. This is very important especially for first-time watchers because this will serve as a reference for you. The guide usually contains basic information about the place or the preserve, list of birds that are usually seen in the area, brief characteristic of common birds that can be seen in the area and tips for the first-time watchers. 

- A good pair of bird watching binoculars. Although some centers provide binoculars for the viewers, it is best if you bring your own pair. This is to ensure that you will use a good pair of binoculars when coming to Arizona for bird watching. If you're planning to buy a pair of binoculars before going there, make sure that you buy a pair that has good magnification, clear lens and focus, and good exit diameter. 

- High SPF bottle of sunscreen. Since Arizona has hot weather, it is best to protect your skin, especially from sunburns. In Preservation centers, you are usually asked to go on a trail that has no shade. If you want to protect your skin against too much ultraviolet rays, it is quite important to apply lots of sunscreen with high SPF. 

- A notebook with a pen. This is a good option especially if you want to record your observations about the birds. When you have a handy notebook and pen, you can easily jot down the characteristics of the bird and other notes about the Center easily. (TIP: Choose a notebook with a plastic cover so you can protect your notes from getting wet.)

- A big bottle of water. To keep you well hydrated during bird watching in Arizona, it is best to keep a bottle of water with you at all times. Having a handy source of liquid at hand is very crucial especially if stay out in the sun for a long time in a place with hot weather.