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Thursday, March 1, 2018


English: Green-winged Macaw or Red-and-green M...
Green-winged Macaw or Red-and-green Macaw (Ara chloropterus) at Gatorland. 
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Macaw is a large tropical American parrot with a long tail harsh voice and brilliant plumage. 

Macaws are really beautiful all of there kind but I'll focus and give consideration to one kind of macaws

Green wing macaw is a beautiful giant bird that originates from South America. It comes from the genus Ara. Its scientific name is Ara Chloroptera which means ara for strong, chloro for green and ptera for wing. Its name speaks for itself but actually there wing has a striking blend of red with green and blue stripes. They were often confused with other macaws but still, it has its own uniqueness. A patch that is transverse with red feathers which looks like Indian war paint.

Is it ideal for us to take green wing macaw as a pet in our home? Yes, but it will be difficult because what I've said earlier it is a giant bird so it needed a large cage. Green wing macaw measures about 26-36 inches so it is approximately 2 1/2 to 3 feet and weighs 1250-1700g or 1.25-1.7kg. When choosing a cage for them for me I think a stainless cage would be better than the powder coated. The powder coating may not last under the green wing macaw's beak and maybe the powder coating might poison them and might cause harm. Green wing macaw is bought nowadays to be a pet. They interact socially with people and other macaws even though they don't speak much. A lot of people were funned of them but some misinterpret their appearance because it is some kind of a majestic. They fail to appreciate the extreme intelligent nature of the beautiful macaw.

It has been slow to breed in captivity from wild caught stock. It eventually improved with captive bred bird serves as the breeder. Their reproductive maturity is 4-5 years. Their lifespan is quite long it will last for about 60-80 years and even greater. So you will be buddy forever, and you will grow up together.