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Saturday, May 6, 2017

TRUSH Song Bird

Thrush are a group of small passerine birds that exist most commonly in the Old World. Most often Thrush are plump, soft plumaged, small to medium sized insectivores or sometimes omnivores. Often thrush will feed from the ground. Thrush have also come to be known as song birds as they have many attractive songs.

Dark-throated Thrush
Dark-throated Thrush - (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thrushes belong to the Family Turdidae which also includes:

 - Yemen Thrush 
 - Olive Thrush
 - Olivaceous Thrush
 - Comoro Thrush
 - Kurrichane Thrush
 - African Thrush
 - African Bare-eyed Thrush
 - Grey-backed Thrush
 - Tickell's Thrush
 - Black-breasted Thrush
 - Japanese Thrush
 - White-collared Blackbird
 - Ring Ouzel
 - Grey-winged Blackbird
 - Island Thrush
 - Chestnut Thrush
 - White-backed Thrush
 - Grey-sided Thrush
 - Eyebrowed Thrush
 - Pale Thrush
 - Brown-headed Thrush
 - Izu Thrush
 - Dark-throated thrush
 - Black-throated Thrush
 - Red-throated Thrush
 - Redwing
 - Song Thrush
 - Chinese Thrush
 - Mistle Thrush
 - Red-legged Thrush
 - Chiguanco Thrush
 - Sooty Robin
 - Great Thrush
 - Black Robin
 - Glossy-black Thrush
 - Andean Slaty Thrush
 - Eastern Slaty Thrush

Thrush are often found in open woods and land that is mostly cultivated over all of Europe and much of Asia. Many of the northern birds migrate south during the winter. Thrush can be both insectivoresand omnivores. omnivorous Thrushes are known for defending their food source against other thrushes in the winter months. Nesting in trees they lay several eggs in an organized cup shaped nest which is often lined with grass.