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Thursday, November 2, 2017


Bronze-winged Parrot; a pet parrot standing on a perch - Photo: Wikimedia
Birds have always inspired man's imagination. The ability to fly has always instigated man to watch these ethereal species from close. Close to the heels of dogs birds were one of the primary animals that were domesticated by early man. They were a source of entertainment for young queens, messengers for royal officials and meat and eggs for banquets. Bird breeds differ from one another as some have the ability to sing, some have the ability to talk by mimicking human voice while some have the brilliant colouration of plumage or manifest a majestic body size. The following are the exotic bird breeds that have earned popularity among bird breeders.

Exotic Bird Breeds
African Mourning Dove (Streptopelia decipiens)...
African Mourning Dove (Streptopelia decipiens), Samburu(Kenya) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

African Mourning Dove - The African mourning dove is a large stocky pigeon and can grow up to 31 cms in height. The back wings and the tail of the bird is light brown in appearance, the head is grey, and underparts are pink and the belly to be pale grey. It has a distinctive hind neckband with a white border. The bird appears to be blackish while flying due to its black flight feathers. The patch around the eyes is red in colour. Unlike other breeds of doves, they feed in groups and can easily mingle with other species of doves.

A young Gouldian Finch with the beginnings of ...
A young Gouldian Finch with the beginnings of bright adult plumage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Lady Gouldian Finch - This bird is native to Australia. Though the bird is available in pet stores it is considered to be endangered in its own natural habitat Australia. Both male and female species of the bird are almost similar in looks but the male is out to be more brightly coloured. They bond to form a pair throughout their lifetime. The courtship dance of the male is worth watching.

Bronze Wing Pionus - Though this species is quite tough to rear in captivity the bronze wing Pionus are regarded as excellent pets. They are gentle and charming in nature. Even though they are not so playful creature and even do not like to be patted on the back this bird can turn out to offer a lifelong companionship to its owner.

The Umbrella Cockatoo - The umbrella cockatoo has white plumage with brown or black eyes. This is especially found in the islands of Indonesia. The underside colour of the plumage is lemon yellow and the wings flash when the birds are in flight. The bird is so named as it has the habit of extending its chest when surprised. The chest then takes the shape of an umbrella.

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