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Friday, September 28, 2018

How do You Get 8 Canaries When You Wanted One Male CANARY to Sing?

Canary birds - Photo  by Steve p2008 
How do you get 8 canaries when you wanted one male canary to sing?

We want a little male canary to sing and bring joy to our home. We found a Canary for sale at a national pet chain. The manager of the store told us how the male canary had been singing all day and eating strawberries.

I ask how he knew it was the canary singing.

He said from the song and was different from any other bird. Well, we are sold and took home this beautiful canary.

Being a die-hard Beatle fan I named the canary Mc after Sir Paul McCartney. Hearing Beatle songs always makes me feel good and knew the canary song would bring that same feeling of joy.

We are all excited and we bought strawberries and started doing some research on canaries. I found so much information it was confusing. The breeds to colors and different songs of canaries are truly fascinating.

Mc seems to be happy in her new home but no singing. Days went by and no singing.

I found canary songs on the internet and even a CD on how to make a canary sing. We listened to canaries sing and Mc liked the canary song but never joined in to sing along.

Then I found an egg in the cage. Wow! Being the inexperienced canary owner I went back to the internet for advice. Could a male canary have laid an egg? I don’t think so but what do I know.

I learned two things from this. Mc is a lady and she does not sing or eat strawberries. We went back to the pet store and were told they sell all canaries as male because they do not know the sex of a canary. Now that is an education by itself on how canaries are sold and what people tell you to get a sell.

We love our little Mc and the name is already attached to her and we are attached so no taking back the canary. To change the name just didn’t seem to work. Seems I have used Beatle names so Mc was going to remain the same even if he is a girl.

Mc is busy trying to build a nest every day. I have moved her into another cage or home. I changed rooms and the light she was getting. Nothing works. She wants to tear the paper in her cage and looks like teenagers wrapping toilet paper in trees at times. I will walk up to her and even with paper hanging from her mouth she will look at me as if she is asking

“What you never wanted to build a nest?”

Mc loves to take a bath along with eating her hard boiled eggs with greens or fruit. I keep quality bird seed at all times.

Now we have a beautiful female canary named Mc and how this turned into 7 more canaries I will explain in my next story.

The Canaries are wonderful pets and fun personalities. I am learning and would like to hear from others with their stores or information. I

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

BIRD BREEDS Which Can Be Lovely Pets

A White-crowned Parrot (also known as White-cr...
A White-crowned Parrot - (also known as White-crowned Pionus)
(Photo credit: 
History of Bird Breeds
In the early days, birds were a source of amusement for the kings and queens. They were also used as messengers for an official purpose by the royal people. The historic past exhibits evidence of bird pets through wall paintings on monuments and in scriptures which shows that the beautiful creatures have always been man's close companion during the process of civilization.

Birds have always encouraged human imagination and have acted as the basis for poetry and creative literature. Moreover, the ability to fly inspires many people and they try to take pleasure in aerobic adventures like gliding. Keeping birds as pets is one more hobby that is enjoyed by humans. Just like pet animals, many people wish to keep birds as pets, domesticate them and observe their overall growth and development. However, it involves many aspects and minute details as bird breeds are different from animal pets.

Most of the bird breeds have special needs. For example, some birds need a special type of food and sufficient space in the cage. Some varieties of birds like pigeons need the freedom to stretch their wings. Apart from this, certain bird types have the ability to sing and some birds like parrots can mimic like humans.

How to Select a Particular Pet Breed?
To select a particular pet breed, it is very important to consider the basic things involved in their maintenance and your liking as well. Many people have different choices and the financial capacity of every individual differs regarding the upholding of bird breeds.

You can conduct a good research on various bird types to get an idea about their life cycle, needs, and a process of upbringing involved. Making a proper selection of a proper bird breed is very important as you are responsible for their life. You can read various journals on pet birds care or seek online information to get the entire details about your desired bird breeds. Accordingly, you can visit sanctuaries, bird's park, and shops that sell birds to decide whether to go for a particular bird pet or not.

Some of the famous and common varieties of bird breeds that prove to be lovely pets are as under.
  • African Mourning Dove - It is a large-sized stocky pigeon which comes in light brown color. It grows up to 31 cms in height and displays grey colored head, pink underparts, and pale grey. These kinds of doves usually feed in groups and easily mingle with other species.
  • Bronze Wing Pionus - This species do not breed in captivity, but proves to be good pets if handled gently. A bronze wing Pionus offers a lifelong companionship to the pet owner if treated with proper care and affection.
  • The Umbrella Cockatoo - The type of birds breed is famous for its white plumage. Found in the islands of Indonesia, this type of birds breed displays brown or black eyes, lemon yellow color underside the plumage. The bird has the habit to extend its chest whenever it feels surprising. It got its name as the chest takes the shape of an umbrella.

Thursday, November 2, 2017


Bronze-winged Parrot; a pet parrot standing on a perch - Photo: Wikimedia
Birds have always inspired man's imagination. The ability to fly has always instigated man to watch these ethereal species from close. Close to the heels of dogs birds were one of the primary animals that were domesticated by early man. They were a source of entertainment for young queens, messengers for royal officials and meat and eggs for banquets. Bird breeds differ from one another as some have the ability to sing, some have the ability to talk by mimicking human voice while some have the brilliant colouration of plumage or manifest a majestic body size. The following are the exotic bird breeds that have earned popularity among bird breeders.

Exotic Bird Breeds
African Mourning Dove (Streptopelia decipiens)...
African Mourning Dove (Streptopelia decipiens), Samburu(Kenya) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

African Mourning Dove - The African mourning dove is a large stocky pigeon and can grow up to 31 cms in height. The back wings and the tail of the bird is light brown in appearance, the head is grey, and underparts are pink and the belly to be pale grey. It has a distinctive hind neckband with a white border. The bird appears to be blackish while flying due to its black flight feathers. The patch around the eyes is red in colour. Unlike other breeds of doves, they feed in groups and can easily mingle with other species of doves.

A young Gouldian Finch with the beginnings of ...
A young Gouldian Finch with the beginnings of bright adult plumage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Lady Gouldian Finch - This bird is native to Australia. Though the bird is available in pet stores it is considered to be endangered in its own natural habitat Australia. Both male and female species of the bird are almost similar in looks but the male is out to be more brightly coloured. They bond to form a pair throughout their lifetime. The courtship dance of the male is worth watching.

Bronze Wing Pionus - Though this species is quite tough to rear in captivity the bronze wing Pionus are regarded as excellent pets. They are gentle and charming in nature. Even though they are not so playful creature and even do not like to be patted on the back this bird can turn out to offer a lifelong companionship to its owner.

The Umbrella Cockatoo - The umbrella cockatoo has white plumage with brown or black eyes. This is especially found in the islands of Indonesia. The underside colour of the plumage is lemon yellow and the wings flash when the birds are in flight. The bird is so named as it has the habit of extending its chest when surprised. The chest then takes the shape of an umbrella.

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