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Monday, December 17, 2018

BREEDING PARROTTS - It's Not As Simple As You Think

English: A female Australian King Parrot Categ...
A female Australian King Parrot (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Breeding parrots is not a simple task for the true parrot lover. I recently read an article written by a devoted parrot parent who described some of the trials and tribulations involved with breeding. Some of the difficulties mentioned were as follows:
° The death of one mating partner and the grief held by the surviving bird can often result in that birds death also.
° Abandonment of a nest of eggs or chicks.
° Death caused by illnesses such as egg yolk peritonitis.
° When weaning the chicks it takes a constant effort to feed and clean up after them. Your life and schedule is determined by the needs of the chicks.
° Breeding pairs are noisier than normal birds creating an undue amount of clamour.
° Sometimes the mating pair just don't get along and will not mate, and you now have two birds to try and find mates for.
° Selling the chicks once weaned, and having to deal with people who are untrained and have no idea how to raise and care for your chicks.
° Having to haggle over the price for your hand raised chicks.

These are just a few of the items discussed in this article. Nevertheless, the author continues to breed parrots because of those owners who do adopt, love and care for their hand raised birds.

This article illustrates that one should always spend some time researching matters like breeding before taking on the task. There's a great deal of information available for those contemplating breeding parrots that a person should read and study. It is not as simple as just letting a couple of birds mate, raising the chicks and then selling them off.

How knowing about breeding can help in parrot adoptions
When looking at the breeding process from the standpoint of a breeder, it helps the shopper for a pet parrot in evaluating their choice. If you're looking to adopt a parrot you should look for a breeder that shows the devotion, love and caring for their flock as the writer of the earlier discussed article.

The most important factors in setting the stage for a bird's future life are established during the weaning process. If a parrot breeder has shown, the skill, the love and caring while weaning a parrot chick, the person who adopts such a bird will have a happy and joyous addition to their household.

When adopting a parrot from a parrot breeder, a prospective parent needs to learn about what it takes to be a good breeder and then once armed with this information they will be better suited to evaluate how their chick was weaned.

A good breeder will be willing to spend the time with a perspective buyer to explain how the chick was weaned, what foods that particular species needs and likes, and other details needed for a happy life. In actuality, a buyer should feel that he or she is being evaluated to determine if they will make a good parent. If a parrots breeder shows this kind of concern, then the prospective parent may have just found the right breeder to adopt from.