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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Prince Edward Island - A Must for Bird Watching Enthusiasts

Cavendish Beach, Prince Edward Island - Photo: Wikimedia
The Prince Edward Island holds the same name as the Canadian province where it is located. The national park is a haven for many bird species and a delight for bird watching enthusiasts.

Such natural beauty this place has that birds and people flock around to enjoy what the site has in store for its visitor. The rolling hills, untouched forests, ocean coves and its red soil is what makes this place stand out for its beauty. You could only wonder in amazement that such place exists.

Prince Edward Island, the Province
Its government is now trying to enact laws to be able to preserve the place and prevent further damage from happening in the area which was brought about by the lack of zoning and planning for land use within the province that has resulted to some unpleasant aesthetic development in recent times.

Did you know that the author of the classic novel entitled "Anne of Green Gables," Lucy Maud Montgomery, got her inspiration for the settings and backgrounds of the story from the Prince Edward Island? It was done during the Victorian era. What was envisioned in the book can still be felt now? This island seems to be waiting for artists to draw their inspiration from its captivating beauty. Not only that, the place is now a favorite for tourists for relaxation activities like going to the beaches, golfing, eco-tourism experience, while enjoying all the sights and seeing on the cultural events within its local communities.

The slow-paced kind of life in the place rural areas is really what draws in more tourists as they can enjoy their vacation and truly relax in the process. This factor gives the impression of something like an old world flavor for most of the tourists that frequent it.

Most communities in the rural areas of the Prince Edward Island get their living through the small-scale type of agriculture. The reason for this is that the size of the farm areas in the vicinity is indeed small especially if you compare it to the other areas in Canada. Although today, industrial farming is slowly being adopted in the area as the old farms become consolidated and likewise modernized.

The Coast of Prince Edward Island 
This is the frequent stop of bird watchers in the area. The island's coastline has long beaches, dunes, and cliffs made out of sandstone. Rolling hills can be found along its landscape. And it has a lot of bays and also harbors.

The Islanders take their responsibility as guardians of the precious nature surrounding them. They only give back for whatever the place has also bestowed them through agriculture, abundant fisheries and, of course, tourism.

There are said to be about 333 kinds of birds that can be found in the area. There is really something for everyone to enjoy here. The bird watchers will have a feast with what's in store for them at this paradise.

Bird watching is only one of the many things that a tourist can enjoy at the Prince Edward Island. It is really a must-see place to experience such oneness with nature. Don't forget your binoculars and a heart set out for nature once you've had the chance to check it out.