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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Pampering Your PET

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Wragby Marketplace and car park Pets pampering, Food or Chips you can get them all here.
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There are 69 million households in the United States that call a pet part of the family, according to a 2006 survey by the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association (APPMA). These pet owners know how hard it can be to find the perfect accessories and gifts for their special friends. 

Whether you are looking for a practical dog house, pet-proof seat covers for your car or a Halloween costume for your cat, shopping online is the best way to score unique pet products at reasonable prices. With just a few clicks, the Internet will help you find everything you need to care for your pets and, in the process, you'll discover a community of people who are as passionate about their pets as you.

APPMA estimates that in 2006, $38.4 billion will be spent in the U.S. on pet products. The following tips will help you hone in on pet gifts that can be fun for your pet, while also providing you value:

Identify Your Pet's Needs

Everyone has seen a dog chase after his own tail, going round and round in circles until he gives up. You can avoid a similar chase of your own by taking the time to consider what products your pet will actually use, as well as what would make your life easier as a pet owner. With Yahoo! Shopping's ( integrated ratings and reviews, you'll be able to see what other pet owners thought about a particular product or merchant. This will help you make smart decisions about all the must-haves for your pet, whether it is a puppy, a parrot or a Komodo dragon.

Broaden Your Horizons

The Internet has opened up a whole world of pet products you never even imagined existed, from designer pet umbrellas, specialized spa treatments, unique detergent for washing pet clothes, pet first aid kits and even a nest for your pet rock. Visit the Yahoo! Shoposphere from Yahoo! Shopping, where merchandise is sorted into lists by members of an online community and discussed in a blog-like fashion, giving you insight into how the self-replenishing food bowl or the cat hammock came in handy for other pet owners.

Make Your Pet Part of the Family

Great pet gifts can be enjoyed by pets and families together. There are several ways to maximize the family fun factor of giving your pet a gift. You can have the present wrapped for a child to open or pick presents that will make for an interactive fun, such as a fetch ball or other pet toy that requires human interaction.

The Internet provides an easy way to gather new ideas, find the best bargains and indulge your beloved pets-all without leaving the comforts of home.

Give your pet a present with help from the Web.

Friday, February 16, 2018

8 Basic Guides To TRAINING Your PET BIRD

Bailey Bird
Photo by Jen’s Art&Soul

You brought home with you a beautiful Macaw, you’ve done your research and got it what it needs to be a happy bird. Now its time to train your pet bird to do all the neat tricks you’ve adorned from a distance in envy. Where to start? Here are some basic training tips for those of you who recently brought in a feathered friend.

The more you spend time with your pet bird the more you will become familiar with their unique personality. Like humans, these birds possess unique personalities that tell you how they feel in their own special ways.

1. Have you ever had trouble concentrating during long class hours or business meetings? Like people birds get bored too, so keep the training session short. 10 minutes are about the ideal length in retaining your bird’s attention.

2. Comfort and familiarity are important to birds too if you’re using props to train your bird then leave them near the cage and let the bird warm up to those items.

3. Once again, birds are like people in that they can’t concentrate very well with distractions. Turn the TV and your stereo off when you’re training your pet and try to find a quiet place away from the cage. If the bird, however, has some insecurities or is frightened you should probably keep the bird near the cage to let it feel secure.

4. We all remember things better when there’s a reward involved. (Remember that gold star you got for turning the homework in on time back in elementary school?) Find a treat that your feathered friend will be rewarded with if it performs a trick correctly. The treat doesn’t necessarily have to be food but if you do choose to give your pet something to eat, make sure it’s small and something that is easily consumed. Though praises or a good head scratch is always preferred.

5. Consistency is the key to success. Try to train your bird same time every day. That way your bird has something to look forward to and can get used to the routine.

6. Try to avoid your pet from developing bad habits. Biting can be avoided by keeping your hands out of beak range when training your bird. That way your bird won’t be as tempted to take a bite out of your finger.

7. If your bird starts to misbehave don’t get intimidated, remain calm and stay close until the bird calms down. You can leave when the bird has stopped stirring, this way it teaches your pet that acting out won’t get it what it wants.

8. Remember that each bird behaves differently and all birds require patience and commitment. Don’t expect for your bird to behave like a Harvard student after one or two training sessions. With abundant affection and consistent training, your bird will learn to build bonds with you and perform tricks.

By Roy Tanaka - Article Source: EzineArticles