Wednesday, September 6, 2017

BUDGIES - 3 Mistakes That Can Kill Your Pet

It's easy to get into bad budgie care habits. But these bad habits that are easy for us to live with are hard for your budgie to live with. Your bad habits can hurt - or even kill - your budgie.

Let's take a look at some these common mistakes:

1. A huge mistake is feeding your budgie an all seed diet.
Budgies need more than just seed mix to stay healthy. Giving your budgie just seed is like you only eating turkey. Turkey might be good food, but you wouldn't stay healthy if that's all you ate, right?

Now, when you bring a budgie home it's probably only been fed seeds so far. So when you give your budgie other food it rejects it. That's a natural reaction. If you'd never seen a potato before, you would be a little suspicious of it when one turned up on your plate.

English: Budgerigars, Melopsittacus undulatus....
Budgerigars, Melopsittacus undulatus. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It's this natural reaction from your budgie that leaves may budgie owners saying things like 'my budgie only likes seed,' or 'I just feed my budgie seed and it looks fine.'

The truth is no animal that has a poor diet will be very healthy or live as long as it could do.

2. Exposing You Budgie Extreme Temperatures
A mistake that's not so obvious - but just as deadly to your budgie - is exposing your budgie to sharp temperature changes and drafts.

Sitting your budgie's cage next to the window, so it can have a pretty view and watch the birds fly by is actually dangerous. You see, constant droughts will likely make your budgie ill. And a budgie that picks up a chest infection can go downhill very fast.

Also, the heat can kill your budgie. If your budgie's cage is getting the full heat of the midday sun it's easy for your budgie to get dehydrated. If there is no shade in the cage then your budgie has no choice but to sit there while the heat makes it uncomfortable.

Budgies might be hardy animals, but there are some conditions they just aren't suited to living in.

3. Unscreened Windows
You might not have even considered this one. Your windows are dangerous to your budgie, and so are any glass doors. When you let your budgie out of its cage and it flies around, the budgie often doesn't realize that the glass is there and tries to fly through it.

This isn't just dangerous - it can be deadly. Sorry if that sounded kind of melodramatic, but I'm being serious here. Loads of budgies break their neck flying into windows. Not to mention shattered beaks and other injuries.

Sadly more budgies die this way every year. Hopefully, your budgie won't be one of them.

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