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The Mallards, the archetypal "wild ducks&...
The Mallards, the archetypal "wild ducks", probably the best-known and most recognizable of all ducks, are dabbling ducks who breed throughout the temperate and sub-tropical areas of North America, Europe, Asia, New Zealand (where they are currently the most common duck species), and Australia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Ducks are classified as birds and there are many different species of them. They feature different colors and different sizes as adults. Most species of ducks are very smart animals. They can fly but most of them are content to stay in a location where they have food, water, and companionship. Males and females pair off until the female has laid her eggs and then she is alone to take care of her young. The number of eggs she will lay depends on the species. It can be from 6-12 and the incubation period can be from 45-60 days.

The female ducks in all species seem to take very good care of their young. They lay their eggs and then the babies are able to swim as soon as they are born. They will line up and follow their mother. Ducks will follow the first thing they see when they are born which can be funny if that isn’t their own mother. She will teach them how to gather food and they will stay with her until they are mature enough to fully care for themselves. Most will still stay together though.

Some species of ducks are hunted for food. Many areas allow duck hunting season to take place due to the large numbers of them. Overpopulation can result in problems due to not enough food for them. This hunting season is generally in the early winter time when most are heading south for the winter. You will need to look into the specifics of duck hunting in your area.

Some hunters use decoys as well to get those they wish to hunt into the area. They display what looks like a real duck. They also use calls to make the sounds of that species of duck. The males will come to check out what they think is a female calling them and then they will be shot. Some people raise ducks on farms in order to sale them for food once they are adults.

Not all species of duck though are good for eating. You will need to know what you should be after if you want to eat this type of bird. Many people don’t like the taste of duck but if you haven’t tried it you may want to at least experiment so you can get a taste of it.

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