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SUN CONURE Tricks - Teach Your Sun Conure to Talk

English: Pet Sun Conure (Aratinga solstitialis...
Pet Sun Conure (Aratinga solstitialis) demonstrating analytical puzzle solving skills. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
For those of you who own a sun conure or have recently purchased a baby parrot, I'm sure you will agree that they are lovely birds to have as pets. Although a sun conure can become quite feisty and loud at times, they are still beautiful parrots to keep in the house and uplift your day. A sun conure always looks like it is smiling at you. There is magic in their eyes and expressions and they give you a sense of warmth and love. They are cute, cuddly and lovable plus they will be open to your touch and warm embrace most of the time. And with some hard work and dedication, you can actually teach a sun conure to talk and perform tricks. Below I will cover some of the basic strategies for teaching your bird to perform sun conure tricks and how to train conures to talk.

Praise your Conure:
The first thing you have to learn about teaching sun conure tricks is that parrots will only associate progress with praise. Your bird may perform a really cool trick or do something cute and funny that you will want it to repeat on cue, but it will never know that it was appreciated unless you show it praise. A common form of praise is to smile and speak the words; 'good bird' or 'good boy /girl' with an uptone sound in your voice. Follow the praise with a treat. Sun conures love treats especially if they are only fed to them sparingly. Your parrot will associate the act they just did follow the praise and reward they got and they will remember this for next time.

Do Not Over Train:
The second thing you have to understand about teaching sun conure tricks is that you cannot overwork your bird. Forcing your parrot to repeat words or perform tricks can make him or her frustrated and exhausted. A solid 10 to 15 minutes of training a day is all that is required for your parrot to slowly learn how to perform sun conure tricks. Some days they may not respond well to the training and you have to be aware of this. In that case, limit the training to 5 minutes and do not harass them again until the next day. Do not forget to show praise and give them treats.

Never Scream at your Parrot:
Finally, when teaching sun conures to talk, you want to make sure to never scream at the bird. Never raise your voice to the point where you sound angry. This will only cause your conure to associate anger with your command and it will be afraid of performing for you for fear that you will become upset. Be patient and kind with your conure and gently repeat simple words that they could learn to speak such as; 'hello', 'goodbye', 'i love you', etc. Keep the words or phrases to a minimum and use an uptone or singing tone to them. Birds associate tones with phrases and will remember them better than if you were to repeat them sounding flat, monotone or dull.

Training sun conures to talk is a well sought out skill and can be quite challenging at first. Many parrot owners give up trying to teach them tricks because they lack the patience or experience to deal with this type of parrot. However, it is not impossible to teach a sun conure to talk and you too can learn the skills necessary to turn your pet into a show bird. Click here to discover the secret coveted skills of teaching sun conure tricks!

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