Saturday, March 24, 2018


Three rubber ducks in foam bath
Three rubber ducks in foam bath (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Some types of toys out there just seem to be a natural part of our culture. Most of us can remember bathing as a child with a yellow rubber duck. We also offer them for our own children. They offer plenty of entertainment and amusement in the bathtub while you are washing your child. In many instances, it will encourage them to actually get in there and to take a bath.

The earlier forms of rubber ducks were made from real rubber but today mostly synthetic materials are used. If you read the label you will likely find they are made of vinyl plastic. Of course, they are still called rubber ducks as we are just used to that. They also look the same as they once did. You will find rubber ducks in various sizes and even some different colors than yellow. You can even get a mother duck with several babies so your child will have a whole set to enjoy while bathing.

There are some rubber ducks that don’t make any sounds but the majority of them make a squeaking sound when you squeeze them. It doesn’t’ t really sound like a real duck but it is a fairly similar sound nonetheless. Some of them will even squirt water out of the mouth when they get squeezed. Children love these types of activities while they are playing in the water. In fact, they may come to view bath time as play time if they have some rubber ducks to play with.

You will find that some companies have started to release rubber ducks with different features. They may be dressed as various characters instead of just a plain old duck. Some of them are decorative for the different holidays while others are dressed as pirates, princesses, and other great images that children seem to take to very well.

Rubber ducks are very inexpensive and you can find them at many retail stores. Some people search for them in the toy aisle but they won’t usually be found there. Instead look at the bubble bath for children and you will likely find them. If your child is with you let them pick out a couple they really like. 

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