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Small COCKATOOS That Make Great Pets

An adult Galah (also known as the Rose-breaste...
An adult Galah (also known as the Rose-breasted Cockatoo,
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Cockatoos are renown for their cuddly, affectionate and comical natures and as long as they are given plenty of attention they make great pets.

Usually, when one hears the word cockatoo the first thing that comes to mind is the umbrella cockatoo which at 24 inches from its head to the tip of its tail is a large bird.

Not everyone has space or the desire to own a parrot the size of an umbrella.

Fortunately, there are other cockatoo species that are considerably smaller and still make excellent pets.

Goffin Cockatoo
The smallest cockatoo is the Goffin cockatoo at only 12 inches.
They are white with pink between the eyes and the beak. They have a light yellow on the underside of the wings, tail and ear coverlets.

Goffins are very smart, inquisitive, loving and social parrots that are great at learning tricks.

Rose Breasted Cockatoo
A parrot that is slightly bigger than the Goffin is the rose-breasted cockatoo. They are light to mid gray with rose-colored feathers on the breast as well as under the wings, and a light pink head and crest.

Rosies are more independent and not as cuddly as some other cockatoos, but this independence means they don't need as much attention and can be quite happy in their cages. They are a very intelligent bird that responds well to training.

Bare-Eyed Cockatoo
A somewhat unusual looking parrot is the bare-eyed cockatoo which gets its name from the blue, bare patch around its eyes. They are relatively small birds that are 15 inches in length.

Bare-eyed cockatoos are mostly white with yellow on the undersides of the tails and wings, along with pink between the eyes and beak.

As with the other two species they are quick to learn and make excellent pets. Anyone of these parrots makes a great choice for someone that doesn't have room for a large parrot but wants a bird with the affectionate and fun-loving nature that cockatoos are famous for.

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