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Information On ECLECTUS Birds And Their Suitability As A Pet

A pet juvenile male Eclectus Parrot perching o...
A pet juvenile male Eclectus Parrot perching on a woman's shoulder in Brighton
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An Eclectus parrot will give you the most inspirational experience if you are a dedicated owner. These birds are known for their mellow temperament and also for their unparalleled beauty. They have a very laid-back character that makes them a favorite of every family and you hardly ever see these parrots getting furious or misbehaving.

Eclectus birds are known for their extraordinary talent to master any mimicry. Although they do not make strong bonds with their pair they love to seek human attention and might get a bit noisy sometimes.

Although these parrots are scientifically known as Eclectus roratus, an Eclectus parrot is known by various other names which might depend upon the species it belongs to. The various names of such kinds of Eclectus birds are:

  • Blue Bellied
  • Yellow Sided
  • Red Sided
  • Solomon Island
  • Vosmaeri

How big do they grow?
These parrots are basically from the Solomon Islands, New Guinea, and Australia. An adult parrot may reach approximately 18 to 20 inches when measured from their beak to tail and can cost you around $500 to $3000 US. Interestingly, the female parrot is more expensive than the male because female parrots are more colorful and have more gentle temperaments than the male parrot.
How do you differentiate their sexes?

Eclectus bird sexes can be differentiated by their color as they are sexually dimorphic birds. If you see a bright green color on the head of these birds, along with the yellow-green blended wing covert, then you can ascertain that it is a male parrot. These male parrots furthermore have red patches under their wings and around the breast area. The tail will be almost black with a yellow tip. The iris will be of dark orange and the beak may have a black color at its lower base.

A female bird can be identified when you see them having rich red color on their breast as well as their head. They have deep red wings with a dull blue and purple belly. The tail can be identified with an orange tip and the eyes will have a blue ring around them.

How about their temperament?
These birds are a highly intelligent species with a very passionate personality. They love the companionship of humans and enjoy socializing with people. If you would like to keep an Eclectus parrot along with other birds, then this is definitely possible.

However, you must keep a watch out, as you might see some kind of jealous tendencies.
Eclectus birds will require a large cage as they need a lot of space for their housing requirements and mostly consume a diet consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables.

These parrots are highly intelligent with a charming personality and can be quite impressed with their ability to talk and they will become passionate pets. They love to interact with every member of the family making them quite sensitive in nature.

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