Friday, June 8, 2018

Double Yellow Headed AMAZON

Yellow-headed Amazon (Amazona oratrix)
Yello Headed Amazon - Photo  by     warriorwoman531
Originating from Mexico and northern Central America the double yellow headed amazon is a stocky parrot with a square tail. It is between 15 and 17 inches long from the tip of their tails to the top of the head.

Their bodies are a bright green with a yellow head. There is red on the bends of the wings and on the tails. They are intelligent parrots that are outgoing and playful. They love to perform and they are great at learning tricks.

The double yellow headed amazon is considered the best talking of all the amazon birds and ranks only second to the African gray parrot.

The bluffing stage that amazon parrots go through as they approach maturity makes them less entertaining and affectionate than they are normally. The aggressive and stubborn attitude they develop at this stage makes them a real challenge for all but the most experienced parrot owner.

As long as they have enough toys amazon birds can be left to entertain themselves they can be left alone for long periods of the day than some of the less independent parrots can. Some parrots like the cockatoo birds may require a lot more attention than the Amazons, but that doesn't mean that they don't require some socialization every day.

Amazons don't tend to scream that much, but if you aren't keeping your parrot happy with socialization and entertainment it will get bored and start making a lot of noise.

Your parrot needs some variety and some exercise every day to keep it happy and healthy. The way to give it that is to let it out of its cage to explore and play. Amazons are curious and they love to chew. If you leave your parrot unsupervised while it is out of the cage it can get into all kinds of trouble.
Amazon birds have a tendency to get obese so it's best to feed your parrot pellets supplemented with vegetables and fruits and leave the seeds for training and special treats.

If you can handle one when it's in the bluffing stage a double yellow headed amazon makes a great pet parrot.

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