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Learn All The Secrets Of The AFRICAN GREY PARROT

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The African grey parrot is a medium-sized parrot that originates from the central parts of Africa. They are said to be perhaps the most intelligent of all parrots, with an adept ability to mimic human words and expressions. This is the reason why they are very popular as pets in modern-day households. Most African grey parrots are predominantly grey all over with a small color difference on their tails, usually maroon or a darker shade of grey.

One incredible characteristic that the African grey parrot carries is its incredible ability to solve even the most complex of problems. Very few parrot species have this kind of ability and it is because of this that the African grey stands out above the rest. This characteristic is tied in with their talking ability as they can learn to mimic any sound just by listening and applying this to their own vocal patterns.

Every African grey parrot has the potential to mimic almost every sound that hears, however some more than others. Parrots that are left alone in their cages with no way to stimulate their brains generally learn to talk or mimic the sounds they hear around them. Parrots that are handled often by humans have no need for the extra stimulation that sound imitation provides them so they often learn very few sounds. This doesn't mean people should neglect their parrots for the sole reason of getting them to talk. There are different training manuals to help parrots learn the basics of sound imitation.

One notorious trait that the African grey parrot has is its feather plucking habit. This can make for a very messy and disease-ridden cage and therefore owners are advised to clean the parrot cage once every two or three days. The reason why a parrot plucks his or her feathers is that it is boring and needs a source of stimulation. If owners spend enough time with their parrot every day, perhaps one or two hours, it will have no need to pluck its feathers as it is getting enough stimulation from the human presence around it.

It is commonly known that an African grey parrot can become almost fully attached to one human and therefore become aggressive towards other people. This trait just proves one thing, that African grey parrots are the perfect companion. You could perhaps say that they are the new mans best friend!

    Author: Dane Stanton - Article Source: GoArticles

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