Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The Basics of PARROT CAGES

People who decide to have pets at home should provide suitable housing for the animal. This means getting one that is proportional to the size and type of parrot because this will greatly affect the lifespan of the bird. 

It is advisable to get one that is very large. Most of these birds prefer to climb, stretch and play so there must be enough space for the parrot to do this inside instead of it just sitting on a perch located inside the cage.

The housing should have horizontal bars. This will make it easy for the parrot to grab hold onto the sides whenever it feels like climbing inside the cage. The distance between each bar should also be checked so that the bird will not injure itself during this activity. 

Though its true there are some cheap cages that can be found in the market, the owner must not get this based on these criteria alone. This is because the material used in making the cage will not be of good quality that may also pose a danger for the parrot. It is better than to get an expensive one made of stainless steel or powder coated since these are not toxic to the pet. 

Conventional bird cages have doors and latches. People who decide to get a parrot should avoid using this because it can cause injury to the creature’s beak, head, neck or wing. The best to get those are those that are detachable since this has been proven to be safe. 

Most animals produce waste. The ideal carrot cage should have a pull-out tray in the bottom so the owner can just take this off and wash it before putting it back inside. This is better than going inside and to clear the housing of droppings, which will take a long time to clean. 

The parrot cage should come to have a designated area where the bowl will be placed. Some manufacturers sell this with a plate inside while others have to be purchased separately. This should also be removable because this needs to be cleaned twice a day before and after feeding. 

The perch where the parrot sits must be near where the food is located. This will make it easy for the bird to go to when it is time for feeding. 

Having a pet big or small is an enormous responsibility. The individual should have a spacious and safe cage to enjoy many years with the parrot. 

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