Thursday, August 9, 2018

Budgies and Cockatiels as Your Pets: The Top Tips to Know

English: Budgerigars, Melopsittacus undulatus....
Budgerigars (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pet birds are a blessing for many people. They're the ideal pet because they require minimal space, no outdoor access and little work from their owner. They're also cheap to buy, cheap to look after, and an all-around low cost, low maintenance pet. They provide companionship with minimal effort, whether you live on a farm or a flat on the 13th floor of an apartment block.

Some pet birds talk, of course, making them even better company than the average pet: you couldn't teach your Labrador to say hello and ask who the pretty boy is. Teaching pet birds to speak is part of the charm of owning pets- it provides an extra level of companionship as well as a potential additional hobby. If you're looking for a pet that is low maintenance, clean around the house and takes up little space, then it's probable that owning a pet bird will suit you. And if you want your pet bird to have the potential to learn to speak, then you should be looking at budgies or cockatiels for sale in your area or online.

"Budgie" is short for budgerigar, which is also called the common pet parakeet. Native to Australia, the budgerigar, or budgie is closely related to the parrot. Budgies are hugely popular around the world as a pet, particularly in the UK, where their playful disposition, attractive markings, and ability to ape human speech. The chances are that you know somebody who owns a budgerigar, so if you're interested in getting a budgie it would be an idea to investigate further by meeting and handling a friend's pet budgie, or for visiting a pet shop that has budgies for sale in order to handle one of the birds and learn all you can before deciding whether budgies are for you or not.

Cockatiels have a huge popularity across the globe, second only to that of the budgerigar. Cockatiels are part of the cockatoo family, and it's the smallest member. Much like budgerigars, cockatiels are well known for their distinctive and attractive appearance and their ability to "speak" human words.

Similar to budgerigars, cockatiels are hugely popular because of their relatively small size and the commensurately small amount of space needed to cage them. If you're looking for cockatiels for sale then it's possible that you might find the cheapest price for cockatiels on the internet, but before making that purchase you would be well advised to research for these birds for sale elsewhere.

Visit a local pet shop that has cockatiels and speaks to the trained staff there, and learn all you can about the animal. What will they eat? How long can they be left alone? How big will their cage need to be, and what is it likely to cost? Is finding just one cockatiel going to be okay, or do they need to be kept in pairs for company? All these small factors should be considered when you're looking at cockatiels as a pet.

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