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English: This is Baby. He is a yellow naped am...
This is Baby. He is a yellow naped amazon parrot and about 18 years old.
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If you are looking for a pet parrot and want one with intelligence, funny personality, impressive talking capability, and awesome singing ability, then it has to be a yellow naped amazon parrot. In their own habitat, these parrots can be found in Central America, along with the Pacific slope, North Western Costa Rica and Southern Mexico.

One very disastrous effect is that deforestation in recent years has reduced the number of these parrots in the wild, yet their stunning personality has attracted it towards a lot of parrot owners.

A yellow naped amazon parrot usually weighs around 480 to 680 grams and in a size of around 35 cm. The most noticeable feature of these parrots is their green forehead with a yellow band across their lower nape. Some parrots develop a lot more yellow on them than others do, while others do not have any yellow feathers at all. These yellow feathers appear with maturity and can also be found at the back of the neck. They usually have pretty feet and a dark grey beak with a lighter upper.

Yellow-naped Amazon parrots like a very natural and simple diet of fruits, beans, berries, seeds, and nuts. But remember it is important to mix and match these combinations in their diet so that they can keep themselves entertained and attracted towards their food. A variety in their diet ensures that they are getting all the vitamins they need. Vitamin enhanced pellets are also very good for them to have each day.

Yellow-naped Amazon parrot is loved for their yellow and stunning green color but their intelligence and clown personality is usually the final decision maker when a person is looking for a pet parrot. They can be quite impressive when they start to talk. What's more? They can sing too! They can also imitate human voices and have a great sense of voice pitch.

An Amazon parrot can live for 60 years or even longer, provided that you take care of them really well. There are several striking mutations available in many parts of the world with the most beautiful being the Blue Mutation.

One fact to be aware of though is that a yellow-naped Amazon parrot needs training because they do tend to bite, chew or even be very noisy during certain stages in their lives. Even a young bird which has not been neglected requires proper care and guidance which makes it very challenging for the owner.

Because they are so intelligent they do need stimulation and love being around their owners. When owners cannot be there they should have some stimulating toys for the parrot to play with. Perhaps look into the 'talking toys' as these have been working very well keeping parrots entertained.

To conclude, these birds are really attentive and responsive while being trained and this is why a lot of people love to own a yellow naped amazon parrot. These parrots have a fantastic sense of humor and their human imitation can surely cheer up the whole house. They love being around the owners and can become one of the family in a very short space of time.

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