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BIRD BREEDS Which Can Be Lovely Pets

A White-crowned Parrot (also known as White-cr...
A White-crowned Parrot - (also known as White-crowned Pionus)
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History of Bird Breeds
In the early days, birds were a source of amusement for the kings and queens. They were also used as messengers for an official purpose by the royal people. The historic past exhibits evidence of bird pets through wall paintings on monuments and in scriptures which shows that the beautiful creatures have always been man's close companion during the process of civilization.

Birds have always encouraged human imagination and have acted as the basis for poetry and creative literature. Moreover, the ability to fly inspires many people and they try to take pleasure in aerobic adventures like gliding. Keeping birds as pets is one more hobby that is enjoyed by humans. Just like pet animals, many people wish to keep birds as pets, domesticate them and observe their overall growth and development. However, it involves many aspects and minute details as bird breeds are different from animal pets.

Most of the bird breeds have special needs. For example, some birds need a special type of food and sufficient space in the cage. Some varieties of birds like pigeons need the freedom to stretch their wings. Apart from this, certain bird types have the ability to sing and some birds like parrots can mimic like humans.

How to Select a Particular Pet Breed?
To select a particular pet breed, it is very important to consider the basic things involved in their maintenance and your liking as well. Many people have different choices and the financial capacity of every individual differs regarding the upholding of bird breeds.

You can conduct a good research on various bird types to get an idea about their life cycle, needs, and a process of upbringing involved. Making a proper selection of a proper bird breed is very important as you are responsible for their life. You can read various journals on pet birds care or seek online information to get the entire details about your desired bird breeds. Accordingly, you can visit sanctuaries, bird's park, and shops that sell birds to decide whether to go for a particular bird pet or not.

Some of the famous and common varieties of bird breeds that prove to be lovely pets are as under.
  • African Mourning Dove - It is a large-sized stocky pigeon which comes in light brown color. It grows up to 31 cms in height and displays grey colored head, pink underparts, and pale grey. These kinds of doves usually feed in groups and easily mingle with other species.
  • Bronze Wing Pionus - This species do not breed in captivity, but proves to be good pets if handled gently. A bronze wing Pionus offers a lifelong companionship to the pet owner if treated with proper care and affection.
  • The Umbrella Cockatoo - The type of birds breed is famous for its white plumage. Found in the islands of Indonesia, this type of birds breed displays brown or black eyes, lemon yellow color underside the plumage. The bird has the habit to extend its chest whenever it feels surprising. It got its name as the chest takes the shape of an umbrella.

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