Friday, September 28, 2018

How do You Get 8 Canaries When You Wanted One Male CANARY to Sing?

Canary birds - Photo  by Steve p2008 
How do you get 8 canaries when you wanted one male canary to sing?

We want a little male canary to sing and bring joy to our home. We found a Canary for sale at a national pet chain. The manager of the store told us how the male canary had been singing all day and eating strawberries.

I ask how he knew it was the canary singing.

He said from the song and was different from any other bird. Well, we are sold and took home this beautiful canary.

Being a die-hard Beatle fan I named the canary Mc after Sir Paul McCartney. Hearing Beatle songs always makes me feel good and knew the canary song would bring that same feeling of joy.

We are all excited and we bought strawberries and started doing some research on canaries. I found so much information it was confusing. The breeds to colors and different songs of canaries are truly fascinating.

Mc seems to be happy in her new home but no singing. Days went by and no singing.

I found canary songs on the internet and even a CD on how to make a canary sing. We listened to canaries sing and Mc liked the canary song but never joined in to sing along.

Then I found an egg in the cage. Wow! Being the inexperienced canary owner I went back to the internet for advice. Could a male canary have laid an egg? I don’t think so but what do I know.

I learned two things from this. Mc is a lady and she does not sing or eat strawberries. We went back to the pet store and were told they sell all canaries as male because they do not know the sex of a canary. Now that is an education by itself on how canaries are sold and what people tell you to get a sell.

We love our little Mc and the name is already attached to her and we are attached so no taking back the canary. To change the name just didn’t seem to work. Seems I have used Beatle names so Mc was going to remain the same even if he is a girl.

Mc is busy trying to build a nest every day. I have moved her into another cage or home. I changed rooms and the light she was getting. Nothing works. She wants to tear the paper in her cage and looks like teenagers wrapping toilet paper in trees at times. I will walk up to her and even with paper hanging from her mouth she will look at me as if she is asking

“What you never wanted to build a nest?”

Mc loves to take a bath along with eating her hard boiled eggs with greens or fruit. I keep quality bird seed at all times.

Now we have a beautiful female canary named Mc and how this turned into 7 more canaries I will explain in my next story.

The Canaries are wonderful pets and fun personalities. I am learning and would like to hear from others with their stores or information. I

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