Tuesday, September 4, 2018

How To Understand Your BUDGERIGAR Behavior

Blue Male Budgerigar
Blue Male Budgerigar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Whether you are a parakeet breeder or you have just a single budgerigar parakeet, understanding his or her behavior can give you big headaches. Before buying a budgie you should inform about his health and read about budgerigar behavior.

Otherwise, it is possible to buy a sick budgerigar and your efforts to understand your companion will be in vain. You should know that budgie care takes time and understanding. Consult a book about parakeets or read various articles on the Internet, such as this one.

Sometimes, the budgie may scream. This will happen when something is missing to your parakeet. Parrot screams are stressful and annoying. We need to understand their needs quickly. One reason could be the lack of food. The basic food is millet, but budgie can eat oats and sunflower seeds. As fruits and greens, you can give your budgerigar apple, banana, parsley, and dandelion. Another reason is that the budgie likes to bathe. The bath cools them, helps to get rid of dust and more than that cheers them.

Sometimes, budgie stretches one leg and wing on the same side with the leg. We can compare this movement with human morning stretch. Thus, budgie relaxes his fingers and body.

To scare the enemy, budgie swells the feathers to look more impressive. Raises his wings and open his beak and begins to scream. Another reason is to conserve the body heat and to get warm.

Sometimes, budgie raises the wings when he feels too hot. If the bird frequently yawns it means that is not enough fresh air and you have to ventilate the room. The budgie can sneeze. This allows him to clean the nostrils.

Budgies hate to be left alone, to be kept in small, dark spaces, not to receive enough affection, to be scolded or beaten, to have unwashed cages, not to get food and water when needed. Instead, budgies love to be constantly with the owner, to be loved and to play a lot, to have many toys and to be rewarded from time to time with goodies, to be kept on the finger or shoulder, and to have a clean cage.

No matter what your parakeet is doing wrong, do not ever hit him because he could no longer trust you. On the contrary, the relationship with your companion must be a strong one. Birds usually do not understand hitting, spraying with water, screaming as corrective methods.

A very interesting fact is that the budgie is strongly influenced by the outside atmosphere. If the morning is gloomy and rainy, your parakeet will be quite upset and apathetic, if he sees the sun, will be happy all day long.

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