Saturday, October 6, 2018

Raising DOVES As Pets

A pair of Ringneck Doves
A pair of Ringneck Doves (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The best thing for you to do before you start raising doves as pets are to seek advice from those who have this experience. Good advice can make your venture an enriching one. There are factors you need to consider before you start raising doves as pets. 

One is the environment in which you live in. You should look at things like the temperature, the intensity of the wind blowing and the regularity of the sunshine. The reason for this is that there are certain doves that can hardly withstand certain weather conditions.

It is worthwhile noting that there are larger doves like wood pigeons and Ringnecks that can endure temperatures well below freezing points. You will be required to consider the species of doves that you would like to raise as pets depending on the environment in which you are. Ensure you have good housing to raise doves as pets. 

There are doves that love staying way up above the ceiling while there are those that prefer nesting on the ground. There are also others that prefer staying on the nearest vegetation and so you will be required to have a variety for your pets so that they do not escape due to discomfort. Raising doves will require you to be seen when it comes to feeding. Doves, just like other birds, should be fed with seeds. You can find seeds in supermarkets or from your farm. You can also provide food such as corn flour, chopped vegetables, or even mealworms. Discuss your dove's diet with your vet to get an informed opinion.

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