Sunday, May 3, 2020

9 ways to protect our BIRD from illnesses

1. Good hygiene – regularly clean the birdcage and the appliances in it. The cleaning must be accomplished a minimum of twice a week. 

2. We must n't let our birds have contacts with wild or free-living birds, who are the main carriers of diseases and infections. 

3. Do not put the birdcage exposed to draughts – the birds can catch a cold, and they should be exposed to the sun no more than 1 – 2 hours because they can get overheated and can suffer from hypothermia. 

4. If you have other pet animals – a dog, a cat, first get sure that they are not aggressive towards the birds and only then you can leave them in the same room together. 

5. Examine the birdcage for protruding parts and objects that can hurt the birds. 

6. A very important factor for the good health of the birds is the proper and balanced feeding. Except for grain mixture, they should get enough quantity of fruit and vegetables, from which they will supply themselves with necessary vitamins. 

7. Also, with great importance for the health of birds is the proper supply with minerals. You can buy them from the zoo in a combined form. 

8. It is also necessary that your birds get small stones and sand in a separate container, which contributes to good digestion and food – assimilation. 

9. Overfeeding the birds with proteins of animal origin is very dangerous for them and it can cause podagra and lead to abnormal appetite.

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