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Breeding FINCHES

English: Zebra finch female Nederlands: Zebrav...
Zebra finch female  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Finches are popular among bird enthusiasts because not only are they easy to breed, they are also considered songbirds, which means their sound is generally pleasant to the ears. You can easily find them being sold in local pet stores. Feeding and breeding finches can be such a wonderful experience at home, especially if you do it with your kids. These birds can be an educational tool for your children to learn how to nurture life and appreciate nature. Finches are generally shy when it comes to being hand-fed. It would be best to just allow the parents to do feeding and rearing for the babies.

When to Start

The best time to start breeding your finches is when they are about 8 months old. There are finches that are highly dimorphic, which means one can easily distinguish their gender by simply checking out their colors. An example of this would be the Zebra finches. Society finches, on the other hand, can be a bit challenging in this department because they don't have color patterns that tell whether they are male or female. One technique in determining the gender of the finches is by placing at least four of them in a cage and watching which birds get attracted to whom. Once spotted, you can place them in a separate cage so you can start breeding finches.

Prepping the Cage

The cage should get ample sunlight at least 14 hours a day. You can use a bulb or lamp as complement lighting, if necessary. The cage should be large enough to create a comfortable space for the parents to breed. Hang a basket in the cage that would serve as a place for the eggs to hatch. Putting together the nest requires skill. The nest should have lining material which you can get from pet stores. In most cases, the male finches arrange the lining materials themselves. For the nesting, you can use shredded burlap as well as dry straws. The nest is important when breeding finches and you should prepare the right materials ahead of time.

Checking for Eggs

Use a flashlight when monitoring the nest for hatchlings. When you notice the parents flying in and out of the basket, it is more likely a sign that there are already eggs poised to hatch. The female finch lays one egg per day until she completes the brood of up to 8 eggs. Then she will begin sitting on the eggs with the male on a standby and ready to substitute when the female leaves and looks for something to eat. This is a sensitive stage in breeding finches that requires constant monitoring to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

It takes about 14 days for the eggs to hatch from the day when the female started brooding them. If you notice an egg that hasn't hatched in 21 days, it is more likely an infertile egg. It usually takes four weeks for the parents to feed the babies until they start hopping out of the nest. After a month, the young will resemble an adult finch in size. Breeding finches is an awesome experience that you shouldn't miss out on. Your first try can be quite nerve-wracking, but once you get the hang of it, you cannot wait until the next breeding season begins.

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Boy-with-binoculars (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Bird watching is a popular hobby in the US with already more than 50 million members and this figure is expected to grow. Of course, you have to get close to them in order to see it which is why the hobbyist needs to have a bird watching scope. 

While some people use binoculars, hunting optics seem to be much better and if you want to know which of these are the best to buy, they are namely ATN, Bushnell, Leupold, Nikon and Swarovski.

So you know what species you’ve seen in your scope, you will have to refer to a bird watching book that is readily available at the store.   

But what if you want to see and take pictures of them at the same time? For that, you will need the digital camera binoculars. 

This type of bird watching scope allows you to take high-quality images.  These happen to be the latest innovation in technology that allows you to take shots even at night and then download it into your desktop or laptop. 

Very lightweight and compact, you can easily carry it no matter where you go. If you don’t like the picture you took, you can review it by displaying this on the LCD screen then deleting this image and taking a better shot. 

Another great feature of the digital camera binoculars is that you can record a live video for up to 20 seconds or more. It is very affordable and a great addition to those who want to take a bird watching to the next level. 

Some of the brands that sell this bird watching digital camera include Barka, Bushnell, Celestron and Meade. These companies are the best in the business and if you want to take more shots, you just have to change the flash card from a 64MB to one that can accommodate 1 GB.

There are two features you have to look for when comparing these brands. These are namely the objective lens size and the magnification power. Objective lens size will determine the field of view while the magnification power may be from 7x to 10x. 

Of course, don’t forget to check if the bird watching scope has a clear LCD display, good resolution and as mentioned earlier, the video capture option. Since it is hard to stay in one position for a long time, you should also check if your new toy can be mounted on a tripod.   

As much as we want to buy the best digital camera binoculars around, one thing that we have to consider is our budget. If some brands are beyond your price range, you can either wait until you have more money or settle for those that are within your reach. Once you have narrowed that, it is time for you to try them out. 

It should be durable, lightweight and water resistant because it has to withstand the elements. Speed is also another factor so you are able to capture the bird should it fly away suddenly and you are able to add this to your collection at home. 

Aside from checking out the merchandise, do some research and see what reviews have been written about the product. These bird watching scopes area also great for other activities like boating, hiking and hunting so get something that can be used all around in the outdoors. 

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The UMBRELLA COCKATOO - 5 Characteristics That Make the Cockatoo a Charming Companion Bird

Umbrella Cockatoo
Umbrella Cockatoo - Photo by JunCTionS 
The Umbrella Cockatoo is a large Parrot with a big personality to match. Here are 5 traits that keep it in constant demand as a pet bird.

Beauty-Their snowy white plumage makes a wonderful and striking contrast to their dark beaks and eyes and gray or black feet. In flight, they are like sunshine as they show the underside of their feathers that are yellow in color.

But probably their most amazing feature is their crest. Usually, it is kept flat on the head, but when extended, forms a half circle of beautiful feathers above their head, similar to an umbrella. They are truly elegant creatures whether they are flying or perched on your finger.

Affectionate Personality-Known for their great affection for and ability to bond with their humans, they are often accurately described as cuddly. They love physical contact with their humans and need these several hours each day to remain emotionally healthy.

They are perfect companions for someone who has a lot of daily time and energy to devote. If your lifestyle does not permit you to spend at least 2 hours a day with your Cockatoo, consider another bird that is less demanding of your time, attention, and affection.

Trainability-Cockatoos are extremely intelligent birds that are capable of learning and performing a wide variety of tricks. Short, daily training sessions yield the best results. Your consistency and patience will pay off not only in the tricks that your Cockatoo will eagerly perform for family and friends but also in the trust and loving bond that this daily attention will create between you.

They are so trainable that they are often featured in their own shows at the circus and zoo! So there you have it, the sky is truly the limit for what they can achieve.

Enthusiastic Eaters-They love to eat and are not particularly fussy about what they eat. They still depend on you to provide a well-balanced diet to help them stay strong, healthy, and happy. A healthy diet should include a constant supply of clean water, a high-quality pellet diet as a base supplemented by fresh organic vegetables, sprouted seeds, and a smaller amount of fruits and nuts. Some fruit seeds are toxic to Cockatoos so check with your vet before feeding.

Round out their diets with occasional table foods such as small pieces of boiled or thoroughly cooked scrambled eggs, cottage cheese and small pieces of cooked meat, pasta, and crackers. Provide a varied menu within these guidelines to keep your bird's interest high at meal time.

Long Life Span-If you are looking for a lifelong companion, the Cockatoo has one of the longest life spans of any Parrot. With proper care, they can live for 80 years or more. Now that's a friend for life!

    Another way to help your Cockatoo live longer is to use a HEPA air purifier to remove airborne pollutants from the air.
    Debbie Davis, President,

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Types of Birds: Raptors, BIRDS OF PREY

English: Birds of Prey
Birds of Prey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Birds are sometimes classified by the type of food they eat. For example, birds that are carnivorous in nature are known as birds of prey or raptors. Differences also exist among these types of birds with regard to the animals they feed upon, however, one commonality is, the bigger the bird is the bigger the prey it feeds upon. The size of animals that these birds feed upon is reflected in the bird's physical appearance. Those which feed on larger animals tend to have a bigger and strong beak and nails for tearing their prey.

Some birds feed on insects. These spend most of their time on the ground pecking around for larger insects such as praying mantises and grasshoppers. American kestrels, merlins, owl and Mississippi kites are examples of such birds. There are also some raptors that feed on aquatic animals like fish. These typically live near the coastlines. Bald eagles are an example of such birds of prey. Many of these birds even take the fish from other animals that also eat fish. Thieves!

There are some types of birds which feed on small mammals. Such animals as mice, shrews, gophers and voles constitute food to these birds of prey. Hawks of different types, such as red-tailed hawks, Cooper's hawks and others are among the types of birds of prey that feed on such mammals. Other raptors that do feed on such animals include barn owls, merlins, and northern harriers to mention but a few. These birds catch their prey by skillfully hunting them from above. They either perch and watch out for their prey to appear or they hover in their air in search of their prey.

Surprisingly, there are some types of birds of prey that actually feed on smaller birds instead of on other animals. They can pursue their prey while they are flying, or alternatively, they can catch them on the ground. There are other types of birds of prey that feed on large birds like doves, ducks, pigeons, chickens and others. Such birds of preys include peregrine falcon, goshawk and others. Some other birds of prey feed on animals as large as rabbit, squirrels and others. There are others that feed on carrion, like vultures, who prefer to not take chances on live prey.

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COCKATIEL Sounds and What They Mean

Cockatiel - Photo  by al_fonso12 
Screeching squawks and melodic sounds are the usual cockatiel sounds. It is a known fact that male cockatiels are more talkative than the female cockatiels. The males use their skills in sounds during the mating process. If there are a lot of males trying to win a hen, the better singer gets to move up closer to the hen until the best singer is found to be the winner of the female cockatiel.

When getting cockatiels at a young age, they will tend to mimic human sounds better than their own cockatiel sounds. If you do a sing-song pattern with your cockatiel pet, you can be a cockatiel whisperer.

One way of a female cockatiel to carry a conversation with a human or a bird is mimicking what you will say to them through their sounds. On the other hand, a male cockatiel would change his tune and space depending on what he wants to converse with you to show off some points.

The male cockatiels and the female cockatiels would usually battle as to who gets to make the sweetest cockatiel sounds to be the winner.

Female cockatiels are considered to be more social than the males while the males have the better capability of mimicking and following sounds. As early as 6 months old, a male cockatiel can already start mimicking sounds. One of the cockatiel sounds that your pet would already know before you even take it home would be the "wolf ñ whistle". When males make sounds, it would usually pair it with an action by pulling back its wings to produce a heart shape. It can also make sounds by tapping on things such as its dishes, cage bar, toys and other things to get the attention of a potential mate.
Supple chirping cockatiel sounds are what the female will produce and complement it with an action by slowly lifting her tail up and slanting her head when it is ready to mate.

When cockatiels make noises and sounds that are not systematically produced, this means that they are "voicing themselves". Although cockatiels have louder voices than other birds, their voice compared to the larger parrot specie is recognized as charming since their vocal range is smaller.

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A ZEBRA FINCH - Your Perfect Pet?

Description: Zebra Finch (Taeniopygia guttata)...
Zebra Finch (Taeniopygia guttata) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Zebra Finches have become enormously popular pets over recent years, and this upward trend shows no signs of slowing down. They are undeniably attractive animals, while also being some of the easiest birds to care for and having endearing personalities, so it's easy to see why so many people are choosing to keep them as pets.

These finches don't have any particularly unusual or awkward care requirements, and as such, they are not difficult birds to look after. A cage is, of course, necessary, but it doesn't need to be as big as it would be for many other birds. A larger cage will always be preferred though, and for any more than a single pair of finches, you'll need a much larger enclosure. Still, this is the case for any pet bird species.

One frequent concern amongst potential buyers is how noisy the finches will be - constantly squawking birds may well make you unpopular with your neighbors! However Zebra Finches are fairly quiet birds, and while they are not silent, they can easily be kept in a flat or apartment without annoying anyone living nearby.

Their diet can be catered for with a wide range of commercially available products that any pet store will supply, and the cage can even be lined with newspaper if you don't want to buy anything more expensive. Further research is obviously recommended to see exactly what your pets will need before you get them, and there are many comprehensive care sheets both online and in books.

Zebra Finches will live comfortably at room temperature and so they can be very easily integrated into the average home, although they should always be kept away from cold draughts and air conditioning units. They may need some exposure to UV light, and some people choose to buy special lights to achieve this, but it shouldn't be an issue in most houses.

Choosing to buy a couple of these birds is a reasonably long-term commitment as they should live for at least six years, but this isn't exceptionally long and is shorter than many species, making them a good choice for a first bird. If you've never owned a bird before, then Zebra Finches are certainly a better choice than something like a parrot that may outlive you!

In conclusion, Zebra Finches make excellent pets, both for first-time owners and for more experienced keepers who want something new. Being so beautiful and straightforward to care for, it's no wonder more and more people are buying these birds!

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How do You Get 8 Canaries When You Wanted One Male CANARY to Sing?

Canary birds - Photo  by Steve p2008 
How do you get 8 canaries when you wanted one male canary to sing?

We want a little male canary to sing and bring joy to our home. We found a Canary for sale at a national pet chain. The manager of the store told us how the male canary had been singing all day and eating strawberries.

I ask how he knew it was the canary singing.

He said from the song and was different from any other bird. Well, we are sold and took home this beautiful canary.

Being a die-hard Beatle fan I named the canary Mc after Sir Paul McCartney. Hearing Beatle songs always makes me feel good and knew the canary song would bring that same feeling of joy.

We are all excited and we bought strawberries and started doing some research on canaries. I found so much information it was confusing. The breeds to colors and different songs of canaries are truly fascinating.

Mc seems to be happy in her new home but no singing. Days went by and no singing.

I found canary songs on the internet and even a CD on how to make a canary sing. We listened to canaries sing and Mc liked the canary song but never joined in to sing along.

Then I found an egg in the cage. Wow! Being the inexperienced canary owner I went back to the internet for advice. Could a male canary have laid an egg? I don’t think so but what do I know.

I learned two things from this. Mc is a lady and she does not sing or eat strawberries. We went back to the pet store and were told they sell all canaries as male because they do not know the sex of a canary. Now that is an education by itself on how canaries are sold and what people tell you to get a sell.

We love our little Mc and the name is already attached to her and we are attached so no taking back the canary. To change the name just didn’t seem to work. Seems I have used Beatle names so Mc was going to remain the same even if he is a girl.

Mc is busy trying to build a nest every day. I have moved her into another cage or home. I changed rooms and the light she was getting. Nothing works. She wants to tear the paper in her cage and looks like teenagers wrapping toilet paper in trees at times. I will walk up to her and even with paper hanging from her mouth she will look at me as if she is asking

“What you never wanted to build a nest?”

Mc loves to take a bath along with eating her hard boiled eggs with greens or fruit. I keep quality bird seed at all times.

Now we have a beautiful female canary named Mc and how this turned into 7 more canaries I will explain in my next story.

The Canaries are wonderful pets and fun personalities. I am learning and would like to hear from others with their stores or information. I

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Fischer`s LOVEBIRD - Agapornis fischeri

Fischer`s Lovebird - Agapornis fischeri

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Interesting Tidbits About BIRDS

An Orange-winged Amazon at Kuala Lumpur Bird P...
An Orange-winged Amazon at Kuala Lumpur Bird Park, Malaysia.
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Bird lovers know that these inquisitive and social creatures make ideal pets that can provide plenty of entertainment and companionship. While all birds need basic housing, nutritious food and plenty of watchful care, it is important to understand the features that are unique to each species that may affect their health and happiness. Whether you are considering a pet bird or already have one of your own, check out these interesting tidbits about birds that can provide more insight into their behavior.

Birds Can Outlive Their Owner

Before choosing a bird as a pet, it is important for you to know that many birds have extremely long lifespans. Canaries, budgies, and lovebirds can all live eight years or more, and macaws and cockatoos can live well beyond 40 years. For this reason, many bird owners appoint a guardian for their bird to ensure continuous care in the event that it outlives them.

Mushrooms are Harmful to Birds

While you can watch as your pet bird happily gobbles up many of the fresh fruits and vegetables that you put on your plate, it may come as a surprise that certain foods are on the forbidden list. Mushrooms are one that can be especially dangerous because the stems and caps of certain types have led to liver failure in birds. They also cause digestive disorders in parrots.

Birds Use Body Language to Communicate

Most pet owners are familiar with common actions performed by dogs and cats to communicate with their companions, but birds also convey emotions through shifting their feathers and assuming a specific stance. For example, loose, ruffled feathers may mean that a bird is happy; however, flared wings or shoulders may mean that a bird is either getting ready to fight or interested in courting. Many people are also surprised to find that birds will sometimes wag their tails as a greeting to their owner.

Even Small Birds Eat a Lot

When observing birds, it is easy to notice that it seems they are always eating. Whether they are outdoors eating small insects or a pet consuming their nutritious feed, it is necessary for a bird to eat at least half their body weight each day to be able to survive. Pet owners should be conscious of this fact so that they can plan their bird's feeding routine accordingly. Birds also prefer variety in their diet so include the occasional treat in your pet's bowl.

Sensory Stimulation is Important for Happiness

Due to the social nature of birds, it is critical to provide them with constant stimulation that they can use to keep boredom at bay and find comfort. Colorful toys, jingle bells, and climbing structures can all enhance a bird's cage. Birds also notice a change in their environment so you may want to trade out toys from time to time. If you must leave your bird alone during the day, use a radio or television to provide auditory stimulation that is similar to social conversations.

Interacting with your bird regularly has its share of rewards. Through chirps, mimicking and even repeating words, this pet can show happiness and forge a long-lasting bond with its owner. Understanding and responding to the finer nuances that make birds unique will enhance your relationship with your favorite avian companion while safeguarding their health and longevity.

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BIRD BREEDS Which Can Be Lovely Pets

A White-crowned Parrot (also known as White-cr...
A White-crowned Parrot - (also known as White-crowned Pionus)
(Photo credit: 
History of Bird Breeds
In the early days, birds were a source of amusement for the kings and queens. They were also used as messengers for an official purpose by the royal people. The historic past exhibits evidence of bird pets through wall paintings on monuments and in scriptures which shows that the beautiful creatures have always been man's close companion during the process of civilization.

Birds have always encouraged human imagination and have acted as the basis for poetry and creative literature. Moreover, the ability to fly inspires many people and they try to take pleasure in aerobic adventures like gliding. Keeping birds as pets is one more hobby that is enjoyed by humans. Just like pet animals, many people wish to keep birds as pets, domesticate them and observe their overall growth and development. However, it involves many aspects and minute details as bird breeds are different from animal pets.

Most of the bird breeds have special needs. For example, some birds need a special type of food and sufficient space in the cage. Some varieties of birds like pigeons need the freedom to stretch their wings. Apart from this, certain bird types have the ability to sing and some birds like parrots can mimic like humans.

How to Select a Particular Pet Breed?
To select a particular pet breed, it is very important to consider the basic things involved in their maintenance and your liking as well. Many people have different choices and the financial capacity of every individual differs regarding the upholding of bird breeds.

You can conduct a good research on various bird types to get an idea about their life cycle, needs, and a process of upbringing involved. Making a proper selection of a proper bird breed is very important as you are responsible for their life. You can read various journals on pet birds care or seek online information to get the entire details about your desired bird breeds. Accordingly, you can visit sanctuaries, bird's park, and shops that sell birds to decide whether to go for a particular bird pet or not.

Some of the famous and common varieties of bird breeds that prove to be lovely pets are as under.
  • African Mourning Dove - It is a large-sized stocky pigeon which comes in light brown color. It grows up to 31 cms in height and displays grey colored head, pink underparts, and pale grey. These kinds of doves usually feed in groups and easily mingle with other species.
  • Bronze Wing Pionus - This species do not breed in captivity, but proves to be good pets if handled gently. A bronze wing Pionus offers a lifelong companionship to the pet owner if treated with proper care and affection.
  • The Umbrella Cockatoo - The type of birds breed is famous for its white plumage. Found in the islands of Indonesia, this type of birds breed displays brown or black eyes, lemon yellow color underside the plumage. The bird has the habit to extend its chest whenever it feels surprising. It got its name as the chest takes the shape of an umbrella.

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BIRD WATCHING During Spring Migration

English: Illustration of Northern Lapwings fro...
Illustration of Northern Lapwings
from Edmund Selous's Bird Watching
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Bird watching during spring migration is an incredible treat for all birdwatchers, newbies and veterans alike. The month of May ushers in spring along with the largest influx of migratory birds that provides an unparalleled experience for expectant spectators. 

Hundreds of migratory birds fly in from different parts of the world which is why this season is much awaited in the bird watching scene. Many different bird species can be spotted and enjoyed during this time which makes it easy even for first-time bird watchers to sight even the often rare and difficult to sight birds. 

Different birds of different feathers flock together during this momentous time which is why much serious bird watching enthusiasts travel great lengths, often crossing continents to track and sight migratory birds during spring. Fortunately, one need not travel too far to enjoy this natural phenomenon. All one has to do to take part in this wonderful event is to track the migratory patterns of these birds through simple research and find out good places for sighting.

To do this, one may start by finding out the different local bird watching activities that usually culminate during International Migratory Bird Day. Take advantage of the interstate bird watching activities both for the bird sightings and also for the networking. These festivals often offer various bird-related activities that are not necessarily actual bird watching so there is something for everyone and you can bring your family along if needed.

Meeting and talking with other bird watching enthusiasts will help equip you with the necessary tips and tools to further progress in this worthwhile hobby of birding.  

If you’re willing to travel a bit farther up north during spring, you will be welcomed by a wonderful bird watching experience staged at the Canadian side of Lake Ontario at Prince Edward Point. 

The annual Prince Edward County Birding Festival is flocked by migratory birds and bird watching enthusiasts alike. In fact, if you are new at bird watching, you may want to put off visiting this area during spring migration for the reason that it will be very difficult to top the experience of birding here. After visiting Prince Edward County regular bird watching locations may begin to fall short of your expectations and if you aren’t a serious bird watching enthusiast yet, you may soon become one after this experience. 

To partake of this wonderful natural experience, you can opt to join established bird watching trips to this area. With an experienced guide and a group of other enthusiasts, you will be able to better appreciate the trip to one of the best staging areas of migratory birds. 

Be sure to book your trip and finalize your plans beforehand because you may be hard pressed to do otherwise. All the advanced preparations will be worth it anyway from the sheer amount of wonderful bird species you will be sure to see along with the invaluable camaraderie and networking you can do with other new and old bird watching enthusiasts alike. 

Whether you consider bird watching as a casual hobby or your life’s passion, remember that bird watching during spring migration is something that you must try, even if you only try out local haunts, to begin with. 

Be forewarned though that experiencing this kind of event may convert you into a serious birder whether you intend to be one or not. 

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Caring For Your Pet DOVE

English: A Feral Barbary Dove in Tasmania, Aus...
A Feral Barbary Dove in Tasmania, Australia.
Also known as a Ringneck Dove or Ring Dove (Streptopelia risoria)
(Photo credit: 
There are many Dove species found throughout the world but this article will focus on the Ringneck Dove. Sometimes referred to as Collard Doves, Ringneck Doves have developed in captivity to include several color mutations. The most common mutations include;
  • White Dove
  • Blonde
  • Cream
  • Pied
  • Platinum
  • Ivory
  • Silver Ivory
  • Wild (The color found in the wild)
Contrary to popular belief, doves enjoy being handled and are very easily trained. Ringneck Doves have been trained to perform a number of tasks and tricks for the delight of their owners.

Many new dove owners are pleasantly surprised to see the reaction of their bird when they return home from work or other errands. Many compare it to that of a dog. Their Ringneck Dove will begin flapping its wings, cooing and showing its genuine joy that you're home again. When you open the cage door it is almost certain your dove will fly directly to your shoulder. It is a truly rewarding feeling to see this expression of love from your pet.

The lifespan of Ringneck Doves - Doves can live to be 20 to 25 years old, with some reported to live much longer. The key to a long and happy life for your pet Dove is proper care and nutrition.

The Proper Cage - Doves can thrive and even breed in a cage as small as 2ft. x 2ft. If you do house your dove in a small cage like this you should provide it with plenty of time out of the cage. They need the opportunity to fly and stretch their wings. The best rule of thumb is to provide the largest cage you can afford and have space for.

A cage that is longer than it is tall is always best. This allows you to place a perch at each end so your dove can hop or fly from perch to perch. This allows them to get some exercise even when not out of the cage.

Proper Nutrition - There are several commercial brands of dove food on the market. These are readily available online or at your local pet store. Doves also do very well on a good quality wild bird seed mix. A mix that is formulated for a wide range of birds is best when using the wild bird seed. The choice of using a commercial brand of dove feed or a wild mix is a matter of personal preference. The difference in the two is that the commercial seed is better cleaned and processed to eliminate undesired contaminants.

Doves in captivity should not live on a seed only diet. Provide yours with chopped dark green vegetables, as well as chopped hard boiled eggs, shell and all. The egg shell is an excellent source of calcium.

Also be sure to provide a constant supply of properly sized grit. Adding crushed oyster shell will also provide additional calcium.

Don't Overlook A Dove When Considering Your Next Pet Bird.
Doves have a way of quickly stealing our hearts!

Friday, September 21, 2018


Psittacus erithacus Galego: Loro gris do Congo...
Psittacus erithacus - (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
African Grey parrots are extremely famous birds and these birds are widely kept as pets. Breeding African grey parrots is a process that helps the bird keepers to increase their pet bird family without buying these precious birds from the market. People want to know that how they could breed African grey parrots? Successfully breeding African grey parrots needs care at so many levels and a careful bird keeper is capable of providing the comfort and environment required.

Careful Selection of Pair
The important thing about the breeding of African gray parrots includes the selection of a healthy couple for breeding purpose. Sometimes the birds kept together since their early days create a very strong bond and breeding these birds is very easy. Those people who buy a pair of birds from the market need to be sure about the gender of both birds. Sometimes a wrong pairing leads to confusions and later on, it is revealed that the selected birds are either both male or female.

Caging of Birds
The birds are far happier in the wild when they are capable of flying free. In the cage, the birds often do not live with that charm or excitement. It is a responsibility of the bird keepers to provide a very suitable cage for birds. The cage should not be highly confined that does not allow the wings flapping and minor flying. It is a basic right of the African grey birds to be able to stay in a cage which provides all the needs.

The placement of the cage is also very important. A happy bird would more likely to sing, interact and breed. The cage should be placed at a place which provides a view, sunlight and fresh air. The extremities of climates should be avoided by keeping the grey parrots warm or cold accordingly.

A Healthy Diet
The happy and healthy birds would breed faster. Diet plays an important role here. Therefore, the African greys should be provided with a suitable food to make them physically capable of reproducing in the best way possible. Mixed fruits, seeds and parrot palette food available commercially, are best for these birds.

Eggs and Hatching
The female bird once lays eggs, sits on them for a period of three weeks approximately. This period is important because the eggs should not be moved or touched by anyone else. Secondly, the bird should be provided with extra comfort and food to support her physical health.

The eggs hatch after six to seven weeks and during this time, the care is required to keep the cage's temperature balanced. The newborn chicks could not bear the low temperatures. It is good to provide them with warmth.

    By Uzair M Sardar
    Purrsngrrs wants to help its readers to know more about the basic pet keeping concepts. Breeding the pet birds need a lot of care and attention due to the sensitive nature of the birds. Its good to know as much as possible before keeping the birds. It saves a lot of time and also helps to reduce any extra costs associated with bird keeping.
    Article Source: EzineArticles

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Parakeet Auklet (Cyclorrhynchus psittacula) fi...
Parakeet Auklet (Cyclorrhynchus psittacula) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Parakeet Auklet was first identified to science by Simon Peter Pallas (22 September 1741 to 8 September 1811) a zoologist and botanist who worked in Russia. He received his doctorate degree at the age of nineteen the Netherlands at the University of Leiden. He was a voluminous writer, and there are numerous biological species, streets, and an asteroid named after him.

Like all birds, the Parakeet Auklet belongs to Kingdom Animalia, Phylum Chordata (animals having backbones), and Class Aves. It belongs to the Order Charadriiformes, the family Alcidae, the Genus Aethia, and the species Psittacula. Its scientific name, therefore, is Aethia Psittacula. It has also been identified as Cyclorrhynchus Psittacula and Phaleris Psittacula.

The bird has a black head and black upper parts. Its breast, extending to its shoulders, and its belly is white. Its eye is white. There is a distinct white plume that begins at the back edge of the eye and protrudes backward, the length of the head. The short bill is orange and upturned so that the Parakeet Auklet has peculiar fixed expression.

The Parakeet Auklet makes a series of rhythmic hoarse calls and a quavering squeal. It is very vocal at its nesting site. It calls on its own and sings a duet with its mate. It lives in the boreal waters of Alaska, Kamchatka, and Siberia. It finds its food in the ocean, diving as much as 30 meters to catch its prey, which includes jellyfish and small planktonic crustaceans such as euphausiids, copepods, and amphipods. It makes its nest on the rocky cliffs of islands.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The Most Gentle MACAW - The Lovable Green Wing

Green-winged Macaw (also known as the Red-and-...
Green-winged Macaw (also known as the Red-and-green Macaw) at Jurong BirdPark, Singapore.
(Photo credit: 
The Green Winged Macaw, scientific name Ara Chloroptera, is also commonly known as the Maroon Macaw or Red and Green Macaw. They are second only in size to the Hyacinth Macaw. The Green Wing is often confused with the Scarlet because of all the red coloring but can easily be told apart by looking at their backs. The Green Wing has a green band of color while the Scarlet has a yellow band of color across its back.

The Green Wing is one of the most colorful Macaws, bright red is the dominant color while the feathers near the body are dark red and turn green in the middle of the wing and the tips are lined in a bluish color. The tail is also a dark red with bluish tips. Their feet are dark grey and the iris is a pale yellow. These birds are between 25-36 inches long head to tail and have a soaring span of up to 49 inches. The Lovable Green Wing can tip the scale at over 1800 grams and have extremely powerful beaks.

The natural habitat of the green wing is Central and South America, running from eastern Panama south across northern South America, east of the Andes to Brazil, Paraguay, and Bolivia. They can be found in the rainforests and at clay cliffs running along the river banks. However, because of deforestation and the illegal pet trade, the Green Wing Macaw has been put on the endangered species list. It will probably only be through captive breeding that this lovable bird stays off the extinct species list. Their main source of food is a speckled sunflower, high in protein. They also consume white sunflower, shelled oats, corn seed, peanuts, pine nuts, hemp, and buckwheat. You can supplement their diet with tropical fruit, vegetables, and various nuts.

The Green Wing is a social bird and flock animal while they mate for life, in the wild these birds can travel in family groups of up to 100 birds. Even in such large flocks, mates will stick close to each other. These Macaws are naturally active and spend many hours a day flying, playing and eating. In captivity, these birds still require a lot of activity and must be given ample playtime.

These birds are very lovable, intelligent, and inquisitive. This makes them great companions for a single person or a whole family if the bird is socialized properly. However, being inquisitive has its drawbacks. These birds see everything in their environment as their toys or food; therefore they can chew on electric cords or tear up those cherished keepsakes, so keep this in mind when you let them out for fun and exercise. 

Also, because they are so intelligent they sense our mood and often get in that same mood too; i.e., if you are angry they get angry if you are happy they are happy. Remember, approach your bird as a friend and family member and enjoy a happy and lifelong companionship with your lovable giant, the Green Wing Macaw.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Basic BIRD WATCHING Apparel - The Must-Haves

English: Sheena Harvey editor of Bird Watching...
Sheena Harvey editor of BirdWatching magazine,
at a bird-watchers' fair at Middleton Hall.
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
In anything you do, it is better if you are geared up for an activity before it even starts so that you'll be able to give your best once you are into it.  Same is true when it comes to bird watching.

Which One?
Are you a birdwatcher or a birder? The birdwatchers do such activity for fun. They are fond of the birds but they also want to enjoy the sights. They do their observation even without the help of any kit but, of course, they won't say no to a binocular but doesn't really mind its class or type. They are doing the activity to relax. And they can do such wherever they please, including at their own backyards.

The birders are serious about the activity. They don't merely want to observe, they want to learn and share that knowledge for the world to know. They study each and every movement of each and every species of the birds they encounter. They would go the extra mile to seek out new territories, to find out new kinds of birds and to study such further.

Between the two types of bird watching enthusiast, birders require the more apparel to them because of their purpose for doing the act. Those things that the birders need to have can also be used by the birdwatchers but they aren't really particular about such stuff.

Geared Up
The basic needs of a person involved in this activity are, of course, the binoculars, spotting scope would also be helpful especially the kind with a tripod, notepad wherein to keep their journal and field guides. 

The binoculars become so popular with bird watching activity that manufacturers even came up with the type that is intended only for this action. This tool helps one see the birds clearly. Although the good ones cost more than the simpler versions, it is advisable to invest on such especially if you are doing this activity with such passion and you feel the need to know more and more about the birds that you are observing or have already seen.

Purchasing a spotting scope with a tripod is like declaring the passion to a different level. Now, you're proving to be more serious about what you're doing and that you want to see more clearly than what the binoculars can do. Spotting scopes are actually telescopes, this is why its view can reach farther. This type is mounted on a tripod for the user's easy navigation.

The field guides can be useful for someone who's into the activity to know where to go, to ascertain where to look and to help them easily locate what they are looking for. They can keep as many depending on where they have been or where they plan to go.

A notepad is also a bird watcher's best friend. They can document on it, jot down their observation, list down the things that are bogging them and note what they what to find out in future research.

As days go by, the bird watching apparel available in the market becomes more and more complicated but likewise helpful for the enthusiasts. It is advisable to invest in good quality even though the cost is higher because, in the long run, you'll benefit more from such because it will last longer.

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BELIZE - A Destined Location For The Newlywed LOVEBIRDS

Great Blue Hole, Coast of Belize - a phenomeno...
Great Blue Hole, Coast of Belize (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
After a tiring and hectic wedding ceremony, the newlywed couples need a romantic and secluded location to spend some intimate moments together. The honeymoon is a perfect time to know your love of life and spend some memorable moments together. In order to make your honeymoon a success, you need to choose an ideal honeymoon destination. Out of innumerable destinations spread evenly all around the globe, Belize is considered to be the destined spot for the lovebirds. The former colony of British Honduras, Belize is the only country in the entire Central American Land without any shoreline on the Pacific Ocean. The only shoreline is located on the Caribbean Sea on the east. This amazing land is located amid Mexico to the north and Guatemala to the south and the west.

With a long Caribbean coastline, this amazing destination is similar to the primitive British island Colonies. Being located in the tropical region, Belize experiences a hot and humid climate. The months of May to November are known for their long duration rains, whereas, the dry season can be experienced from the months of February to May. So, you need to plan your trip after considering the above stated climatic conditions. The remains of the Mayan culture are one of the main highlights of this destination. The couples can explore the Mayan ruins in order to make their trip more exciting and memorable.

Belize can be easily accessed through airways or waterways. Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport is the main international gateway to this amazing honeymoon spot. You can also board quite a number of Caribbean cruises in order to reach this location. Honeymoon in Belize is not just about tropical forests, luxurious beach resorts, and pristine beaches. There is a lot more to explore and innumerable activities to enjoy in the region including wildlife, trekking, scuba diving, cave exploration tours, kayaking, horse riding, canoeing, swimming, manatee watching and much more.

Apart from all these, there are quite a number of romantic resorts and hotels available for the honeymoon couples. Seven Seas Resort, Ruby's Hotel, Blue Reef Island Resort, Tradewinds Paradise Villas, Belizean Cove Estates, Belize Beach Suites, La Perla del Caribe, Exotic Caye Beach Resort and Ambergris Caye Luxury Resorts are some of the main places to accommodate in the Belizean Land. You can spend your intimate honeymoon moments at these hotels and resorts and make your trip worth remembering for a lifetime.

So, if you are looking forward to a perfect honeymoon destination, then visiting Belize is a perfect option for you.